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Restroom Facilities
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Restroom & Shower Trailer Rental In Gainesville

Serving North Central Florida

Jones Luxury Restrooms provides portable restroom trailers, showers, and portable toilet rentals in Gainesville, FL, and throughout North Central Florida. Our portable toilets offer a luxurious alternative to mobile toilets and provide maximum comfort and convenience during outdoor events and special occasions. Provide your guests with spacious, exceptionally clean, and climate-controlled facilities that complement the aesthetics of your environment. We offer a wide range of portable bathroom trailers and showers for weddings, residential parties, corporate functions, concerts, fundraisers, home remodeling, sports events, and construction sites of any size. Contact us for more information or to request a free portable bathroom or shower rental quote.

Portable Restrooms For Any Occasion

2-10 Stall & ADA Units Available

We have the right size trailer to accommodate the needs of your patrons or guests. Our luxury portable restrooms & showers are ideal for weddings, festivals, parties, and more!

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Portable Restroom Facilities
For Every Event

2-Stall Restroom Trailer

  • Dimensions: 6'W x 10'6"H
  • Fresh Water Tank: 105 gallons
  • Waste Tank: 300 gallons
  • Number of Guests: 200 for 6 hours
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ADA Plus 2 Restroom Trailer

  • Dimensions: 6'W x 10'6"H
  • Fresh Water Tank: 125 gallons
  • Waste Tank: 382 gallons
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3-Stall Restroom Trailer

  • Dimensions: 6'W x 10'3"H
  • Fresh Water Tank: 125 gallons
  • Waste Tank: 500 gallons
  • Number of Guests: 300 for 6 hours
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3-Stall Shower Combo

  • Dimensions: 6'W x 10'6"
  • Fresh Water Tank: 125 gallons
  • Waste Tank: 300 gallons
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4-Stall Restroom Trailer

  • Dimensions: 16'4"L x 7'10"W x 10'6"H
  • Fresh Water Tank: 200 gallons
  • Waste Tank: 308 gallons
  • Number of Guests: 400 for 6 hours
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8-Stall Shower

  • Dimensions: 32'L x 8'6"W x 11'6"H
  • Fresh Water Tank: 300 gallons
  • Waste Tank: 950 gallons
  • Number of Uses: 500
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10-Stall Restroom Trailer

  • Dimensions: 10'L
  • Number of Guests: 800-1000 for 6 hours
  • Men: 2 enclosed stalls, 3 urinals, 2 sinks
  • Women: 5 enclosed stalls, 2 sinks
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Trailer Features

  • Ceramic China Flush Toilets
  • Surround Sound Stereo (Except 3-Stall Restroom)
  • Soap & Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Sinks With Running Water
  • Vanities & Mirror
  • Full Climate Control (AC & Heat)
  • Flower Décor On Counters
  • LED Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Onboard Fresh Water Tanks
  • Porch Lights At All Entrances
  • Pump Service / Cleanliness Inspections
  • Low-Level Outdoor Lighting
  • Occupancy Light Indicators
  • Dual Handrails & Low-Entry Platforms

Luxurious Interiors

Our portable restrooms feature chic and modern décor to complement any event. Vinyl flooring and LED lighting create an inviting atmosphere, and the amenities range to include central stereo / mp3 players, private stalls, and segmented climate control for the best in comfort. Give your guests the gift of luxurious privacy at your next event.

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Portable Restrooms with Luxurious Interior

Fully Stocked

Our portable restroom trailers arrive completely clean and sanitized. Each trailer is fully stocked with hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, trash receptacles and trash bags. Each trailer simply requires one 110v dedicated 20 amp power source and a standard garden hose.

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Fully Stocked Portable Restrooms

Portable Restroom Facilities
for Any Event

  • WeddingsWeddings
  • ReunionsReunions
  • ConcertsConcerts
  • FestivalsFestivals
  • Sports EventsSports Events

Outdoor events can pose their own unique challenges, but providing your guests with upscale facilities can be easy. We offer a simple solution that puts other portable restroom trailer rentals to shame: luxury restroom trailers that offer privacy with a fashionable twist. Our portable restrooms are a lavish alternative to traditional porta potties that complement any event, providing a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

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