Portable Restroom Trailer FAQs

Wondering what amenities — if any — you’ll receive with luxury portable restroom trailers? Or if a portable toilet and shower is an option for your event? Jones Luxury Portable Restrooms answers these questions and more. Have a question that isn’t addressed here? Call us today!

Can I Rent A Portable Restroom For Just One Day?

Absolutely! Our company is happy to work with any schedule including one-day events. Just give us a call to get started!

How Many Portable Restroom Trailers Should I Rent?

Portable Restrooms In Florida

It depends on how many people are anticipated to attend the event. Generally, it’s a good rule of thumb to have one portable toilet for every 75 people. But don’t worry about making calculations — that’s one of the many areas where we can help when you contact us about our portable restroom trailers in Gainesville and North Central Florida.

When Can I Have The Restroom Trailers Delivered?

Our luxury portable restrooms and showers are usually delivered the day before your event. If you need a restroom trailer delivered at a specific time or on a specific day, be sure to tell us when discussing the rental.

What Steps Do You Take To Ensure That The Restrooms Are Clean And Free Of Odors And Germs?

Every restroom trailer is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between rentals. Our technicians and employees clean every part of the trailer, from the vanity mirrors to individual toilets and showers, and inspect each unit before they’re put back into use.

Can Restroom Trailers Be Used In Hot Climates?

Yes. The portable restrooms for rent with our company are well ventilated and feature climate controls such as air conditioning. We also take steps to reduce additional odors that are commonly associated with portable restrooms during warm weather.

How Big Are Your Restroom Trailers?

It depends on which portable restroom trailer you choose to rent. Our 2-stall trailer is 14 feet long by 9 feet wide, while the 10-stall trailer is 28 feet long by 12 feet wide. Each trailer is either 11 feet or 12 feet tall depending on the number of stalls.

What Features Are Included In Luxury, Portable Restrooms?

Nearly every feature you expect in a permanent restroom. The trailers provided by Jones Luxury Portable Restrooms feature:

  • Inside and outside LED lighting;
  • Central stereo and MP3 players;
  • Segmented climate controls;
  • Individual sinks and vanities; and
  • Private toilets and urinals.

In addition, each trailer is fully stocked on arrival with hand soap, trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, and trash receptacles.

How Do Portable Toilets Work?

When the flush handle is depressed, our portable restrooms use water from a tank inside the unit to flush waste into a holding tank. The only difference between our portable toilets and a permanent toilet is the lack of a connection to a sewer system.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Reserve A Portable Toilet?

Ideally, you’d contact us about our restroom trailer rentals as far in advance as possible. But we understand this isn’t always possible, so the general guideline is at least one week before the event. Peak times of the year may require more notice, such as for graduations and weddings.

Do I Need To Have A Portable Toilet On My Job Site?

Generally, yes. Most county and municipal regulations require temporary restroom facilities for job sites and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires them for job sites without a sanitary sewer.

Will The Restroom Trailers Be Clean For My Event?

Yes. Every one of our showers and portable restroom trailers for rent has all waste removed, is thoroughly cleaned, and is restocked with all necessary supplies before being reissued.

Where Can Portable Restroom Trailers Be Placed?

On a flat surface with access to electric and water supply sources. The flat surface doesn’t have to be paved but it does need to be level enough that the trailer doesn’t lean to one side. Our trailers need one 110v 20 amp electrical circuit to power the climate controls, LED lighting, and other features; and a standard outdoor hose to provide water for the sinks and toilets. We’re happy to help you find a place that’s accessible for your guests and the needs of the trailer.