Finding the right portable restroom doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Jones Luxury Restrooms, we offer twelve types of portable restroom trailers in Florida to fit your needs. From our two stall models, right up to our 8-stall trailers and our 10-stall restroom trailers, we have the perfect size if you are event planning in Florida. If you have an upcoming event in Florida, Jones Luxury Restrooms is here to provide upscale bathroom trailer rentals perfect for any sized gathering! Contact us today to get a free restroom trailer rental quote!

Simple Installation, Hassle-Free Service

Our quick and easy installation process helps make sure your event runs smoothly. Our large water holding tanks, and ample supplies make sure that resupplying the bathroom isn’t an issue. No one wants to worry about the amenities for the bathroom during the event, so let us take care of that for you! If you need the bathroom for a long-term rental, we are also available to regularly service the trailers. We provide plenty of water to wash and flush with, ensure the faucets are running, empty the trailer’s holding tanks, and keep the restrooms neat and sanitary.

Excellent Customer Service

In addition to being the cleanest, most well-stocked porta potty rental company in Florida, it’s our attention to detail that really makes us shine. Our customer service is second to none. When you have a question, we are available by phone or by email to answer it and address your concerns. During the estimate process, we know exactly what we need to ask to make sure your event will take place with no snags. We will recommend the right size trailer for your event, and tailor its amenities to your specific needs. We will ask if you have power and water available, and even be able to supply it. When we service the bathrooms, we will check the soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and other supplies as well as clean the bathroom thoroughly. The last thing you need to worry about during your event is resupplying the bathroom.

Easy Delivery Anywhere In Florida

As part of the delivery process, we will send out a representative to look at the location and make sure everything is hooked up correctly for you. Our driver will ensure that the restroom is hooked up correctly, is safe and stable, and is fully stocked with everything that you need from hand sanitizer, garbage bags, hand towels, soap, and toilet paper. We are proud to be the premier provider of luxury restrooms in Florida.

We cherish our reputation and are delighted to be the area’s leading supplier of ADA-compliant trailers, portable wash stations, shower trailers, and luxury restroom trailers. Our cutting-edge technology allows guests to enjoy the full luxury experience, including air-conditioned restroom trailers complete with music. Our attention to detail is second to none, and we offer the attractive look needed for a modern event.

The Right Choice For Your Event In Florida

When you need a portable restroom trailer in Florida or south GA for your wedding, concert venue, temporary office, sporting event, construction site, or party, let us help you choose the right trailer. When you need a luxury restroom trailer in Florida, we are here for you. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.