Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers For Home Remodels

No matter the size, home renovations can be exciting and harrowing at the same time. Contractors and workers are going in and out of your home each day as the end result takes shape. But if you’re wondering how you and family members will be able to use the bathroom and shower during the project, don’t worry. A luxury restroom trailer rented from Jones Luxury Restrooms is able to easily meet your needs. We offer a range of high-end portable bathroom and shower trailers for your comfort and the comfort of your construction crew. Call us today to learn more or to receive an estimate!

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Home Remodels With Portable Restrooms

Luxury Bathroom Rentals For Contractors & Crews

Privacy is a common concern during renovations. A luxury portable toilet gives workers access to a bathroom without requiring them to enter the home, especially if the exterior is being renovated.

Jones Luxury Portable Restrooms has portable restroom trailers in Gainesville suitable for any home renovation. Our trailers range in size from 2 stalls to 10-stall facilities with each one meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements. Whether your contractor has a small staff or oversees multiple teams, portable restrooms reduce congestion caused by waiting to use the bathroom.

Temporary Facilities, Permanent Amenities

Our luxury restroom and shower trailers provide the amenities and comforts you're used to. Our rental restrooms feature segmented climate controls such as air conditioning and heating to provide basic comfort. The hardtop sinks, LED lighting, and vinyl flooring adds to the ambiance. But don’t worry about buying extra soaps, towels, and other toiletries — each of our trailers is fully stocked upon arrival. Each unit has a minimum 200-gallon freshwater tank so whether the renovation is scheduled to take 2 days or 10 days, there’s no reliance on hand sanitizer. It’s another way our company strives to help ease any stress that comes with home remodeling projects.

Stay In Your Home During Renovations

Sometimes homeowners stay elsewhere while renovations are ongoing. But it’s not always feasible to stay with friends or family during an extended remodeling project. For homeowners who need to stay in the home during renovations, our bathroom and shower trailers provide a space to clean up and have a moment or two of privacy.

North Central Florida Portable Restrooms

What makes the portable restroom rentals from Jones Luxury Portable Restrooms stand apart from other companies who provide portable restroom trailers is our commitment to our customers. Our team works with you to determine specific needs for the event or situation then creates a custom solution. The only thing we need to get started is a dedicated 20 amp power source and a run-of-the-mill garden hose. Call us today and plan for your next home renovation project!