Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals In Ocala, FL

Ocala is known as the “Horse Capital of the World” and is a popular destination for all sorts of events, including being the official training site for the U.S. Equestrian Team! No matter what kind of event you are planning, there is bound to be someone there who is in need of a restroom. Jones Luxury Restrooms provides luxury portable restroom rentals to event planners in Ocala, FL. We offer spacious, sparkling-clean, luxury bathroom trailers complete with ceramic toilets, interior and exterior LED lighting, full temperature control, and sinks with running water tailored to your needs!

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Common Sites For Portable Restrooms

At Jones Luxury Restrooms, we are able to provide a variety of clients, events, and industries with luxurious solutions for all your bathroom accommodation needs. Contact us today for more information about our services or to reserve a bathroom, shower, laundry, or refrigerator trailer.

Emergencies / Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. Among the more critical needs when an emergency situation occurs are food, shelter, and sanitation. Every restroom trailer from Jones Luxury Restrooms is fully equipped with soap, toilet paper, and other toiletries and has been designed to help meet the needs of those recovering from a disaster.

Sporting Events

With spacious, multi-stall bathroom trailers, sports enthusiasts won’t have to worry about missing the play of the game while they are in line for the bathroom. Jones Luxury Restrooms is able to outfit sporting events small and large with trailers with up to 10 stalls, so you can have peace of mind when you need to use the restroom.


Reunions are a memorable time and are perfect for catching up with colleagues, friends, family, and former graduating class. With our luxury toilet trailers, ADA-compliant facilities, shower trailer rentals, and more, Jones Luxury Restrooms can help to make sure the needs of all your guests are accommodated!


Fundraising for a good cause deserves the best amenities to accommodate possible donors. No matter if the fundraiser is black tie or grassroots, Jones Luxury Restrooms is able to provide your guests with climate-controlled, fully-stocked, luxurious facilities for all different sizes of fundraising events.


Outdoor concerts are the perfect opportunity to make lifelong memories and bond over a shared experience. With Jones Luxury Restrooms’ Ocala restroom trailers, concert-goers will be able to easily freshen up and get back to listening to their favorite artist.

Construction Sites

Working outdoors in the scorching Ocala sun is a taxing job, and without on-site restrooms, construction workers may have to leave the job site to find a restroom. Jones Luxury Restrooms offers multi-stall portable toilet rentals that work with you and your project’s timeline to meet everyone’s bathroom needs.


Weddings are often an occasion that many people anxiously await, and such a significant occasion should only have thoughtful solutions. With multi-stall luxury portable restrooms ranging from 2–10 stalls, Jones Luxury Restrooms can provide weddings of all sizes with aesthetically pleasing portable toilet trailers!

Corporate Events

No matter how many invitees are on the corporate guest list, Jones Luxury Restrooms can provide your business or company’s corporate event with a clean and stylish portable restroom trailer solution so you can cross “finding bathroom accommodations” off of your corporate event to-do list.

Government, Police & Military

Public service entities have the same sanitation needs as private entities, but these are often guided by strict regulations. Jones Luxury Restrooms is able to provide your indoor and outdoor conferences and training exercises with portable restrooms to ensure everyone has access to quality restroom and shower facilities.

Home Remodels

No matter if you are conducting a partial or full renovation, home renovations can be exciting, but they can put your home’s bathroom out of commission for weeks. Jones Luxury Restrooms provides high-end portable bathroom and shower trailers to help you find comfort during this hectic time.


Regardless of whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, baby shower, or other celebration, Jones Luxury Restrooms has got you covered! While you plan the festivities, our luxury bathroom trailers can take care of your bathroom accommodations so you can go party it up!

Types Of Portable Restrooms In Ocala

Ocala is a popular destination for events, especially around the equestrian season. For those planning any type of Ocala event, no matter how large or small, we recommend hiring professional providers of luxury restroom rentals — we offer a full line of trailer rentals, including bathroom, shower, and laundry facilities. We can accommodate groups of any size with 2–10 private bathroom stall trailers as well as 3–8 stall shower trailers, ADA shower and bathroom trailers, and portable laundry trailers.

Multi-Stall Bathroom Trailers

At Jones Luxury Restrooms, our multi-stall trailers come equipped with elegant design features and have been designed to give you and your guests the ultimate feeling of comfort and convenience. Our luxury portable toilets come ready with amenities that can give you the comforts of home while you are away from yours, such as vinyl flooring, fully functional sinks, LED lighting, visually stunning vanities, and so much more!

Multi-Stall Shower Trailers

Our full line of luxury shower trailers boasts stylish designs and luxury features to provide you with a private, spa-like space for you to shower outdoors. Whether you are having your home remodeled or you are recovering from a natural disaster or emergency, our 3-stall showers, 8-stall showers, and ADA shower trailers can provide you with a sense of normalcy during difficult times.

Portable Laundry Trailers

Our multi-station portable laundry trailers can make all the difference for those who have been impacted by natural disasters, those without access to power, drainage, or plumbing, and those who live in remote areas. Our laundry trailers are the perfect solution if you are in need of laundry services, and each trailer comes with multiple stacked washers and dryers, a folding table, and a laundry sink for easy clean-up. Each of our laundry trailers is temperature-controlled, with indoor and outdoor LED lighting, freshwater tanks, pump services, dual handrails, and plenty of other features for added convenience.

Ocala Portable Bathroom Trailers

Jones Luxury Restrooms offers upscale bathroom and shower solutions for both indoor and outdoor Ocala events, no matter the size. Our trailers are a lavish alternative to traditional porta-potties, and are able to provide a sense of comfort, and have been designed with sleek designs on both the inside and outside to fit any event! Contact us today to learn more about our luxury trailer rentals or to request a free quote for your next event!

2 Stall Restroom Trailers

2 Stall Trailers

With a combination of elegant design features and comfortable amenities, our 2-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are the perfect choice for any event!

3 Stall Restroom Trailers

3 Stall Trailers

Our 3-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers boast enhanced comfort amenities and elegant design features that are sure to impress your guests.

4 Stall Restroom Trailers

4 Stall Trailers

Boasting elegant design features, such as luxury vinyl flooring and running water, our 4-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are a perfect choice for any event!

5 Stall Restroom Trailers

5 Stall Trailers

Boasting a compact size and enhanced comfort amenities, our 5-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are small enough to fit into smaller event spaces while being able to handle larger crowds.

8 Stall Restroom Trailers

8 Stall Restroom Trailers

With elegant design features, such as luxury vinyl flooring and comfort amenities, our 8-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are perfect for any event!

10 Stall Restroom Trailers

10 Stall Trailers

Our 10-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are equipped with elegant design features, including porcelain toilets within each stall and running water, making them bound to impress.

Ada trailer

ADA Trailers

With elegant design features and enhanced comfort amenities, our ADA Plus 2 Series Bathroom Trailers are perfect for a wide range of events.

3 Stall Shower Combo

3 Stall Shower Combo

Our 3-Stall Shower Combo Bathroom Trailers provide several elements and features that make our trailers "just like home."

8 stall shower exterior

8 Stall Shower

With individual shower rooms and sinks, our 8-Stall Shower Combo Bathroom Trailers are perfect for disaster relief and larger events needing shower accomodations.

ADA Shower

ADA Showers

With two individual shower rooms and one handicap accessible shower room, our ADA Shower Combo Trailers are perfect for disaster relief and large events needing ADA shower accommodations.

Laundry Trailers

Laundry Trailer

Our 8-station laundry trailers ease the flow of foot traffic while maximizing the amount of productivity, making them perfect for disaster relief.

Refrigerator & Freezer Trailers For Outdoor Events

Refrigerator Trailer

With three trailer sizes and cooling that exceeds health department and OSHA standards, our portable refrigerated trailers are perfect for small crowds and multi-day events!