Portable Bathroom Rentals In Tallahassee, FL

As the state capital of Florida, Tallahassee is a popular destination for hosting all sorts of events. Many event planners recognize that Tally’s natural surroundings and contemporary venues make it a perfect place to host weddings, sporting events, concerts, and more! But, of course, anywhere you gather a large number of people you’ll need adequate restroom facilities for when nature calls.

If you’ve got an upcoming event in Tallahassee, you can rely on Jones Luxury Restrooms to provide upscale bathroom trailer rentals that are perfect for gatherings of any size. We provide luxury portable restroom facilities that come fully stocked with everything you need, including paper towel dispensers, hand soap, trash receptacles, full climate control, occupancy lights, vanities, and sinks with running water. Contact Jones Luxury Restrooms today to get a free restroom trailer rental quote!

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Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals For Every Occasion


There’s more than enough for wedding planners to worry about as the big day approaches, so let Jones Luxury Restrooms lend a helping hand by handling the bathroom arrangements. Our luxury bathroom rentals come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate guest lists both big and small.

Sporting Events

There’s nothing sports fans hate more than missing a big play cause they were stuck in a long bathroom line. Our multi-stall bathroom trailers ensure spectators at your event don’t have to miss out on even a minute of the action.


Whether you’re planning a birthday party, graduation party, baby shower, quinceañera, bachelor/bachelorette party, holiday celebration, or any other get-together — let us take care of the outdoor restroom accommodations so you can focus on everything else.


Hosting a fundraiser in Tallahassee, FL? Our fully-stocked, climate-controlled portable toilet trailers can provide your fundraising event with high-end restroom facilities that provide guests with the utmost comfort and convenience.


As a concert organizer, it’s your responsibility to provide attendees with the best concert experience possible. Jones Luxury Restrooms offers spacious, upscale portable bathroom facilities that ensure concerts are remembered for the music and not long bathroom lines.

Construction Sites

Renting multi-stall toilet trailers from Jones Luxury Restrooms grants construction workers the convenience of having on-site bathrooms and ensures compliance with local and federal sanitation codes.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are a reflection of a company’s brand and reputation. So when you book with Jones Luxury Restrooms, you ensure those attending your event have only the best when it comes to outdoor bathroom accommodations.

Emergencies / Disaster Relief

During a disaster or emergency, food, shelter, and sanitation are the most critical needs. Therefore, we offer a wide array of portable restrooms, showers, and ADA-accessible trailers designed to meet the needs of those who require emergency accommodations and disaster relief.

Government, Police & Military

To accommodate varying numbers of attendees at police conferences and military training sessions throughout the day, Jones Luxury Restrooms works with you to set up and remove bathroom trailers as needed.

Home Remodels

While renovations are exciting, your family and contractors will need somewhere to do their business if you’re remodeling your bathroom. Our multi-stall bathrooms and mobile showers trailers are just what you need for extended home renovation projects!


Whether you’re hosting a reunion for old friends, your graduating class, or extended family members, our luxury bathroom trailers can help ensure your get-together is remembered for fun times and not a lack of restrooms.

Portable Restroom Facilities We Offer

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or just a special occasion, Jones Luxury Restrooms provides luxurious portable restrooms that ensure the utmost comfort and convenience. We offer immaculately clean and spacious restroom trailers that include full climate control, dual handrails, porch lights, surround sound stereo, and contemporary decor that can complement any theme. In addition, we offer a range of different bathroom and shower trailer sizes to meet the specific needs of any event.

Multi-Stall Bathroom Trailers

Our portable bathrooms trailers are available in a wide variety of sizes and come outfitted with a plethora of luxury features, including vinyl flooring, fully functional sinks, gorgeous vanities, and LED lighting. By offering a range of portable restroom trailers, we’re able to accommodate events both large and small.

Shower Trailers

Our multi-stall shower trailers feature contemporary design and luxury features that provide on-site workers, concert-goers, and even disaster victims with an elegant, spa-like bathing facility where they can freshen up. So whether you need a 3-stall or an 8-stall shower trailer, we are certain to have a model that matches your unique needs.

Other Trailers

In addition to luxury restroom trailers, we also provide portable laundry and refrigerator trailers! Need somewhere to keep food and drink fresh during your event? Rent one of our commercial-grade outdoor freezer trailers. Are you hosting a multi-day event? Give your guests somewhere to wash their clothes with one of our portable laundry trailers. Contact us today to learn more!

Tallahassee Luxury Restroom Trailers

Jones Luxury Restrooms is proud to be North Central Florida’s preferred choice for portable bathroom trailer rentals. Our portable toilets provide a luxurious alternative to traditional mobile toilets when it comes to outdoor events and special occasions. So no matter what kind of Tallahassee event you’ve got coming up, we’ve got the perfect restroom trailer to accommodate the needs of your patrons and guests. Contact us today to learn more about our portable restroom trailers for rent!

2 Stall Restroom Trailers

2 Stall Trailers

With a combination of elegant design features and comfortable amenities, our 2-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are the perfect choice for any event!

3 Stall Restroom Trailers

3 Stall Trailers

Our 3-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers boast enhanced comfort amenities and elegant design features that are sure to impress your guests.

4 Stall Restroom Trailers

4 Stall Trailers

Boasting elegant design features, such as luxury vinyl flooring and running water, our 4-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are a perfect choice for any event!

5 Stall Restroom Trailers

5 Stall Trailers

Boasting a compact size and enhanced comfort amenities, our 5-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are small enough to fit into smaller event spaces while being able to handle larger crowds.

8 Stall Restroom Trailers

8 Stall Restroom Trailers

With elegant design features, such as luxury vinyl flooring and comfort amenities, our 8-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are perfect for any event!

10 Stall Restroom Trailers

10 Stall Trailers

Our 10-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are equipped with elegant design features, including porcelain toilets within each stall and running water, making them bound to impress.

Ada trailer

ADA Trailers

With elegant design features and enhanced comfort amenities, our ADA Plus 2 Series Bathroom Trailers are perfect for a wide range of events.

3 Stall Shower Combo

3 Stall Shower Combo

Our 3-Stall Shower Combo Bathroom Trailers provide several elements and features that make our trailers "just like home."

8 stall shower exterior

8 Stall Shower

With individual shower rooms and sinks, our 8-Stall Shower Combo Bathroom Trailers are perfect for disaster relief and larger events needing shower accomodations.

ADA Shower

ADA Showers

With two individual shower rooms and one handicap accessible shower room, our ADA Shower Combo Trailers are perfect for disaster relief and large events needing ADA shower accommodations.

Laundry Trailers

Laundry Trailer

Our 8-station laundry trailers ease the flow of foot traffic while maximizing the amount of productivity, making them perfect for disaster relief.

Refrigerator & Freezer Trailers For Outdoor Events

Refrigerator Trailer

With three trailer sizes and cooling that exceeds health department and OSHA standards, our portable refrigerated trailers are perfect for small crowds and multi-day events!