Restroom Trailer Rentals In Tampa, FL

Are you planning an event in Tampa, FL? Whether it’s a small-scale event, such as an outdoor wedding, birthday party, sporting event, or a reunion, or a large-scale affair, such as a gala, construction project, concert, or fundraiser, Jones Luxury Restrooms can help simplify the planning process with luxury portable toilet rentals tailored to your unique needs. In addition to events, we also offer portable restroom rentals for emergencies and disaster relief. From bathroom trailers with 2, 3, 4, or 10 stalls and multi-stall, mobile shower trailers to ADA-accessible portable facilities and laundry trailers, each of our trailers are equipped with everything you and your guests need for the ultimate comfort and convenience. For festivals, fairs, and other outdoor celebrations, consider our spacious, commercial-grade refrigerator trailers, ideal for food-cart operators and produce vendors alike.

Luxurious and attractive, yet discrete, our trailers and toilet rentals offer privacy with an elegant appearance that complements any occasion. Contact us for more information about our available trailer rentals and to request a free quote for our luxury portable restrooms.

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Common Sites For Portable Restrooms

Jones Luxury Restrooms proudly serves the luxury trailer rental needs of customers in Tampa, FL, as well as throughout North Central Florida. Our portable toilets offer a luxurious experience with maximum comfort and convenience for occasions of all sizes and scales, including weddings, sporting events, parties, fundraisers, concerts, construction projects, corporate events, disaster relief, home remodels, reunions, and government-, police-, and military-related events. Contact us today to request a free quote and to learn more about our available trailer rentals professionally designed to fit your needs.


Special occasions call for thoughtful solutions. Jones Luxury Restrooms can outfit your outdoor wedding in Tampa with luxurious, portable bathroom rentals, each equipped with top-of-the-line quality features. These trailers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also enjoyable to use, for one less thing to worry about on your special day.

Sporting Events

Help sports enthusiasts feel comfortable all season long with reliable luxury bathroom trailers from Jones Luxury Restrooms. We can help you keep events located on fields, parks, or other locations equipped with portable toilet units, full portable restroom trailers, ADA-accessible restroom rentals, and more.


Are you planning on hosting a fundraiser in Tampa? If so, our portable restroom provider is ready to boost the comfort of your guests with climate-controlled, fully stocked, luxurious facilities in a variety of different sizes and specifications. No matter your needs for toilet rentals for your next fundraising event, we have you covered.


For many of us, outdoor concerts are where we create lifelong memories with others. Whether or not the concert venue has on-site facilities, our Tampa restroom trailers provide attendees with an enjoyable experience throughout the concert. Each restroom trailer offers a well-lit, climate-controlled, and comfortable atmosphere.

Construction Sites

Jones Luxury Restrooms offers clean, fully stocked portable toilets in Tampa for construction sites and building sites. Whether your home or business is under construction, renting fully equipped bathroom trailers can help ensure employees, contractors, and others on the site have access to restroom facilities.


Parties call for upgraded restroom facilities. While you arrange all the details of your next birthday party, graduation, or holiday celebration, let us take care of your outdoor restroom accommodations. Our luxury restroom trailers are designed with modern expectations and needs in mind.

Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event takes time. Let us help check one of the most important aspects of an event off your to-do list with luxury bathroom rentals perfect for your next meeting. No matter how many invitees are on your corporate guest lift, we can create a restroom trailer solution suitable for any-size indoor or outdoor corporate function.

Emergencies / Disaster Relief

Among the most critical needs during a disaster or emergency situation are food, shelter, and sanitation. Jones Luxury Restrooms offers a comprehensive range of portable restrooms, showers, and ADA-accessible trailers designed to help meet the needs of those requiring emergency and disaster relief. Contact us today for more information.

Government, Police & Military

As a full-service provider of luxury portable restroom rentals, our facilities are excellent for those in public service, such as branches of the armed forces, local and national park services, environmental and state agencies, and local municipalities. From portable restrooms for military events to shower rentals for training sessions, we can help!

Home Remodels

Help facilitate a speedy home renovation or remodeling project with our portable toilets. For exterior remodels, our luxury portable toilets give contractors access to restroom facilities outside of your home. During bathroom renovations, our trailers offer clean, comfortable, and fully equipped toilets and showers for you and your family to enjoy.


Don’t forget about our luxury trailers while planning your next reunion event! Jones Luxury Restrooms can help make sure your reunion has what it needs to accommodate all guests with luxury toilet trailers, shower trailer rentals, ADA-compliant facilities, and more. Our trailers offer a refreshing and comfortable environment with a frustration-free, speedy setup.

Types Of Portable Restrooms In Tampa

Tampa is a popular destination for all sorts of events, given the gorgeous year-round climate and picturesque locale. For those planning an event of any variety in Tampa, we recommend hiring professional providers of luxury restroom rentals for all of your outdoor bathroom, shower, and laundry trailer needs. A bathroom trailer rental can provide your guests with clean, spacious, climate-controlled spaces for taking care of their business, all while maintaining a discrete, elegant appearance that complements any theme. We offer an encompassing range of trailer rentals, including bathroom trailers with 2-10 private stalls as well as 3- and 8-stall shower trailers, ADA shower and bathroom trailers, and portable laundry trailers.

Multi-Stall Bathroom Trailers

Each of our multiple-stall bathroom trailers combines elegant design features with enhanced comfort and fully equipped amenities that are sure to impress your guests. Each of our portable toilet trailers offers premier features, including luxury vinyl flooring, fully functional sinks, porcelain toilets within each stall, LED interior and exterior lighting, climate-controlled interiors, and so much more!

Multi-Stall Shower Trailers

Our premier range of shower trailers boasts a stylish design and luxury fittings for a clean, elegant, and spa-like experience while showering outdoors. Our shower trailers offer a sense of normalcy for victims of natural disasters and private bathing areas for workers on remote job sites and attendees at multi-day festivals, among other occasions. Each of our 3-stall showers, 8-stall showers, and ADA shower trailers is sure to meet your needs.

Portable Laundry Trailers

Our multi-station portable laundry trailers provide reliable washers and dryers to those in remote areas, those without access to power, drainage, or plumbing, and others who require mobile laundry facilities. With multiple stacked washers and dryers, our laundry trailer rentals offer convenience and mobility wherever laundry services are needed. Our trailers also come equipped with a folding table and sink for convenient cleanup. Multiple laundry trailers can be set up to provide just about any volume of laundry services. With full climate control, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, onboard freshwater tanks, pump service, cleanliness inspections, dual handrails, and low-entry platforms, among other features, our portable laundry trailers fulfill a variety of laundry facility needs.

Tampa Portable Bathroom Trailers

Jones Luxury Restrooms offers simple, elegant restroom solutions in Tampa and throughout the greater North Central Florida region for occasions of all types and scales, from small, outdoor family gatherings to large, outdoor celebrations and events. A lavish alternative to traditional porta-potties, our restroom, shower, and laundry trailers complement any event and provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience to all who use them. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury trailer rentals and to request a free quote for your next event!

2 Stall Restroom Trailer

2 Stall Trailers

With a combination of elegant design features and comfortable amenities, our 2-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are the perfect choice for any event!

3 Stall Restroom Trailer

3 Stall Trailers

Our 3-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers boast enhanced comfort amenities and elegant design features that are sure to impress your guests.

3 Stall Shower Combo

3 Stall Shower Combo

Our 3-Stall Shower Combo Bathroom Trailers provide several elements and features that make our trailers "just like home."

4 Stall Restroom Trailer

4 Stall Trailers

Boasting elegant design features, such as luxury vinyl flooring and running water, our 4-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are a perfect choice for any event!

5 Stall Restroom Trailers

5 Stall Trailers

Boasting a compact size and enhanced comfort amenities, our 5-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are small enough to fit into smaller event spaces while being able to handle larger crowds.

8 Stall Shower

8 Stall Shower

With individual shower rooms and sinks, our 8-Stall Shower Combo Bathroom Trailers are perfect for disaster relief and larger events needing shower accomodations.

10 Stall Restroom Trailer

10 Stall Trailers

Our 10-Stall Series Bathroom Trailers are equipped with elegant design features, including porcelain toilets within each stall and running water, making them bound to impress.

ADA Shower

ADA Showers

With two individual shower rooms and one handicap accessible shower room, our ADA Shower Combo Trailers are perfect for disaster relief and large events needing ADA shower accommodations.

Ada trailer

ADA Trailers

With elegant design features and enhanced comfort amenities, our ADA Plus 2 Series Bathroom Trailers are perfect for a wide range of events.

Laundry Trailer

Laundry Trailer

Our 8-station laundry trailers ease the flow of foot traffic while maximizing the amount of productivity, making them perfect for disaster relief.

Refrigerator & Freezer Trailers For Outdoor Events

Refrigerator Trailer

With three trailer sizes and cooling that exceeds health department and OSHA standards, our portable refrigerated trailers are perfect for small crowds and multi-day events!